Alex's Second Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Apr 23rd, 2018 🎉

Friends and family,

I'm gearing up for baby #2! I don't need much; just things I never had to begin with, or things that could use an update. Used items are always preferred, I love when friends and family can save money. If you find something secondhand, high five! Just please do send a link to anything you find on Craigslist/Offerup/Letgo, etc, so I can peek at it before you commit to buying, since buying used usually means it's nonrefundable.

And remember: if you don't have the $$$, DON'T worry about it. Please. Love and support are meaningful gifts as well. Or, we can talk about other kinds of help I may need, such as babysitting or help with cleaning. And even still, if you can't donate time & energy, that's okay too. Much love, and thank you for your support!