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Amanda and Kris's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Apr 2nd, 2019 🎉

Thank you for visiting our baby registry. Kris, Krislyn and I are super excited to bring Baby Girl Bauer #2 into our family. We saved a good amount of Krislyn’s baby necessities; however, there are still some items needed for this little one. Thank you for checking out our registry! xoxoxo

BabyList is a universal registry service. The products on our registry are from multiple/different stores (to include online), as well as things you just can't get in the store (like home-cooked meals, house cleaning, or hand-me-downs). The site updates the prices on the products if they find the item cheaper at a different store.

Purchases are not made through BabyList, but through a store's website or physical store. Here are step-by-step instructions on using BabyList:

1. Choose the item you wish to buy.

2. Click "Reserve It" next to the item. Enter your name and email address to confirm your reservation. We will send you a single confirmation email, and you will see a drop-down menu appear with a link to your unique reservations page.

3. Now, it's time to purchase the item you reserved. You can purchase your gift from ANY store at ANY time - online or in-person. It is reserved indefinitely under your name, and the store listed under "Buy Online" is only a suggestion. If you need the registrant's shipping address, check your confirmation email.

4. After you complete your purchase, come back to your unique reservations page and mark "I bought it" next to the purchased item.

5. If there are items on your reservations list that you decide not to purchase, "Unreserve" them so someone else can buy them.