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Kate and Thomas’ Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Nov 1st, 2018

Hello! Thank you for visiting the registry for our sweet baby girl Juniper Meehan Kosis. We are grateful to you for considering these special items for our sweet babe, and will appreciate them as lasting treasures of our baby's infancy.

Thomas and I as parents strive to live with as small of an environmental and 'stuff' footprint as we can, and aim to instill these values in our daughter. As such, you will notice our registry is mostly free of plastics and disposable items, instead favouring items like reusable cloth diapers, wooden toys, teethers and bottles made of silicone, etc. - items that hold value and will stand the test of time, and which we can then pass along to others once Juniper is finished with them. For some items, you will see a specific comment in the item's notes section stating we would also welcome a second-hand, gently loved version of the item - we are all about the reduce, reuse, recycle, and thrift! (We have found some great second-hand baby items by searching on Facebook Marketplace - a Boba baby carrier worth $150 for $30!!). If you want to go 'off registry' and gift our Junebug some adorable clothing, we also love all colours of the bright rainbow for her (ha, my sister-in-law asked me what is the theme of the baby's nursery, my response was, "umm, 70's macrame art and rainbows...?") and we especially love items for her outside of the standard pink and purple.

An explanation to the 'online-ness' of our registry... Since our family and friends - and resulting baby showers - span two different countries, we felt the best way to accommodate all was to stick with an online registry that was able to pull together items from a variety of online stores both in the U.S. and in Canada. Luckily for us we came across Babylist, and turns out registering online has become much more common than we had thought! You'll generally see below each item two or more online options as to where the item can be purchased - and in all cases we have sourced out any available U.S. and Canada website options. We hope this manner of registering provides ease for you rather than headaches, and thankfully it seems there shouldn't be a problem crossing the border post-Canadian baby shower with baby gifts - apparently there isn't duty when bringing children's items to the U.S. Hooray!

We also suggest looking at the registry on a laptop or desktop computer if possible; the mobile app version doesn't readily load the comments for each item (instead requiring you to tap on the item itself in order to open the comments in a new screen), and for our dual-country, second-hand friendly registry, those comments are key (and hopefully provide a bit of entertainment as well!) Oh! And our comments are those in italics, below each item.


Thankfully, we have found that there are many items on our registry that are priced comparably on Canadian websites as to the American sites, once the exchange rate is factored in. However, we have also come across the challenge that there *can* be price or availability discrepancies with some Canadian online registering. When this is the case, we've noted in an item's comments if it's more cost-effective to buy in the U.S., and then ship to us at our home in Buffalo.

If you do end up shipping an item to us in Buffalo (shipping in the U.S. is often free, or at least way less than it would be shipping the item to Canada), I'm happy to bring the items from Buffalo to the Canadian shower for you to see, and/or suggest you could also print out a photograph of your gift to wrap and bring to the Canadian shower.

In any case, we appreciate you bearing with us through this learning curve of a cross-border registry and foreign currencies! Please also feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Hiya! I’m Thomas! The thing I like most about the earth is the range of colours. From brilliant to mundane, fantastic to dull. When I was crossing through the Earth's ozone I took the chance to notice the orange peel-like quality of the sun reflecting upon the ocean. I have to go right now, somebody is videotaping me in my spaceship. And, what Kate said!

Love to you all! XO Kate, Thomas, and Juniper

P.S. Thanks for reading this all; we know, it's a lot! :)

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