Ashlei's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Nov 24th, 2018 🎉

Hi Friends & Family ~ Thank you so much for supporting us in this new life adventure!! A few things to share as you explore the registry we prepared for our new little guy:

1. Some of the stuff is for Mom & Dad - we're thinking hospital bag necessities, post-partum checklists, etc.

2. $$$ - Yes, we are asking for money, if you feel led to give. I, Ashlei, plan to quit work and stay home with the little guy for, at least, the first 6m. Also, we took advantage of the Babies-R-Us Close-of-Biz Sales - purchasing a lot of large nursery items before registries and showers were planned! Our hope is to replenish savings where we can. (See "Give Cash Gift" button in the Registry below to contribute.) 😄

3. Everything on this registry was found on Amazon, at Target, or on Etsy. Feel free to shop from these vendors directly - and then mark the gift as "Reserved & Purchased" on this site to update others. OR - Gift Cards are always welcome - in addition to Amazon, Target, and Etsy gift cards, we could also use Costco, Kroger (King Soopers), and Walmart!

4. We have been blessed with hand-me-downs already and will update needed clothing sizes HERE and within the shower evites accordingly.

4. The rest of the items are recommendations found on Pinterest, suggested by friends and family, etc. While these are the items we have planned for, if you have a similar FAV item that you *know* we can't live without - we are open to the alternative options!! While Sam isn't a first-time parent, for this stage, it has been 15 years AND this is our first BOY! We are learning and growing together and excited to have your support during this time in our family's life!!!

We love you all and THANK YOU!!!

XOXO - Ashlei & Sam