Registry for RainbowSTASH

Arrival Date: Jan 5th, 2019 🎉

As much as we would love to have tons of cute baby outfit sets, we really want to ensure that we have everything RainbowSTASH needs, so unless it’s it marked on our registry or a gift card, please don’t buy it for us. (Cute hand-me-downs that don’t cost you anything are an exception.) We say this with the deepest appreciation for your desire to be thoughtful and unique with your gift-giving. The reality is: babies grow quickly and will most likely live in onesies the majority of the time. Additionally, we are really budgeting for our little one, so Ashley can stay home and love on him or her. The BIGGEST blessing to us would be items we NEED from this list! We love you all and are so blessed.

Please feel free to ask (call or text) if you have any ideas not on our registry that you think may be helpful - we are newbies after all. 💗

Also, though our registry may link you to amazon or babylist’s store or Walmart, if you find the same item somewhere else for a lower price, do it! We just searched for items online and linked them to our registry - though we did try to select the lowest price if there was an option.