Baby Hopgood Registry

Arrival Date September 2, 2021

Hello & Welcome to our Registry!

One of the great things about Babylist is that you can purchase an item anywhere, not just one of the websites listed, & mark it as reserved. So, if you find an item while you are out shopping at Marshalls or Kohls, that's great! Just come back here, find the item, select the "give this gift" & use the bottom option to mark it as purchased so no one else buys it.

Do be careful: if you use one of the links provided on the Babylist website, you will need to make sure to come back and finish marking the item as reserved after the order is made. Please make sure to include a message with your purchase to put YOUR NAME. This way my mom knows who each gift is from on the day of the shower (otherwise it will be a big pile of gifts from unknown senders).

For the most part, Danny & I are not super particular about brands or colors for several of the items on our list (although you might notice a forest/fox theme- this is fun, but not required). If you find an equivalent item, or you know personally that there is a better version & want to get that one instead, we will still be pleased to use it. I'll try to add a note for the items that we need to be more particular about.

You should see a few items are already reserved- some of these are things we've gotten as hand-me-downs, so I wanted to mark them off on the list. In general, if it's not on the registry, we don't have it. With one big exception:

WE HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES. I know baby clothes are the most fun to buy, but we have so many hand-me-downs already that I don't know if baby boy Hopgood will be able to wear everything before he outgrows it. Instead, we are starting from (almost) scratch & don't have the majority of the less adorable necessities. We are asking for your help as we prepare for the fun, yet challenging, task of keeping a Hopgood boy clean, fed, & happy.

Thank you so much for sharing in this long-awaited next step in our lives. As Danny loves to say, we are "exciterrified" & appreciate your love & support.


Babylist Registry Photo.

Visit Heather and Danny Hopgood’s Baby Registry on Babylist. To raise a child it takes a village. Thanks for being part of ours!