Brittany's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jan 9th, 2019 🎉

Thanks for viewing our registry! BabyList is a great because you can reserve the item from our list, buy from anywhere (I'm thinking COUPONS and SALES!) and then let the list know you've purchased the item. Feel free to buy from wherever!

For our U.S. friends and family, please remember, we live in the land of maple syrup and the noble moose. We unfortunately cannot accept gifts or gift cards from stores outside of Canada. If the store is in Canada as well as the US, please remember to purchase the item/card from the Canadian site. We cannot use US gift cards in Canada, even if it's from the same store (ie. vs.

**We have a couple "No, thank you." items:***

- Bath toys with holes and/or spots where water gets trapped. Mold, EW!

- Johnson and Johnson lotion or baby wash. We love Aveeno everything!

- Swaddle blankets. We are inundated with them and use Halo Sleep Sacks instead.

**We do have "Yes! We appreciate that!" items:***

- gently used baby clothes, toys, books.