Baby C's Registry

Arrival Date: Aug 27th, 2019

Our excitement continues to grow and grow as we near the due date of precious baby C. This is an exciting time of our lives and we are thrilled to share it with you all. As most know, Momma C has been researching for the last few years about the impact of our health that the toxins we find our products have on us. Each item on this registry has been researched and chosen with Baby C's health in mind. Baby C will be entering a world that is overloaded with toxins that were not meant to be consumed in anyway (through mouth, skin, blood, etc.). As adults we have been slowly introduced to them and can handle them much better. With all of that in mind please make use of this lovely registry website and the items listed to shower baby C with love and care. We thank you for visiting and if you purchased an item thank you for that as well. Have a wonderful day!

Gift Buying Steps: