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Baby Boy Fire's Registry

Arrival Date: Oct 11th, 2019 🎉

Josiah and I are thrilled to be welcoming baby number two, and hope you will be able to join us in the celebration! Our big girl is also excited about having a little brother, and we want to keep it that way by making sure she feels important in this process too. We’d love your help in continually encouraging her as she gets ready to take on her new role as ‘big sister’!

We don’t expect anything but your love and support, but anything you can do or get certainly helps.

One of the great things about this being baby number two, is that we already have most of what we need. There are still some bigger items that we will need to invest in though (like a car seat, or a car for that matter haha), so cash/gift cards would also be wonderful!

By clicking on the price of an item, you will be directed to the website associated with it. Some items will have more than one website to purchase from. Unfortunately, I cannot make them show up in price-order, so please double check that you are getting the lowest price. I've tried to add multiple links when available to provide as many buying options as possible.

PLEASE MARK ITEMS if you purchase them so we can avoid duplicates!

Currently, baby shower information is still in the air until we have some idea of where we will end up, but if you would like to mail us anything, please send it to:

1228 Deerfield Point

Alpharetta, GA 30004