Christine & Kris Baby DeMello Registry

Arrival Date: Aug 1st, 2018

Welcome to Baby DeMello's Gift Registry!

We can't wait to find out on baby's birthday if they are a boy or a girl. We'll announce their name then, too!

* * *

We have a small home, and are appreciative of the essentials for growing baby. We love items that have woodland animals, and mountain/nature themes.

We shop on Amazon for just about everything and that's where most of these items can be found. We prefer to stick with natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and wood when possible.

We *love* HABA brand wooden toys and gifts. We are trying to limit plastic toys and things with batteries.

Christine can't wait to see you on June 23rd in beautiful Upstate NY!

Thanks and Love,


Christine & Kris & Baby DeMello

Gift Buying Steps: