a little herald

Arrival Date: Jul 11th, 2018

We are joyous and feel overwhelmingly supported from you, our family & friends, to welcome our babe come july. We ask to keep gender neutrality in mind and when in doubt- choose white or beige. With a holistic approach, we will be using natural practices from birth 'til, so we ask to please respect our wishes to exclude: blankets (please, we have so so many), plastics, pacifiers, baby swings, stuffed toys, toys that are not wooden (and especially toys that make noise), and items for use at an older age (since we do live in a smaller apartment). In addition, we have received three car seats and three bases thus far and ask that if there are larger items you'd like to contribute to, to please reach out and consult us to ensure limited duplicates. We love & celebrate you for your generosity!

Gift Buying Steps: