Betty's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jul 5th, 2017

Our white porcupine patient with albinism, affectionately named Betty White, just gave birth to a beautiful and healthy porcupette.

Betty White's resilience is unbelievably inspiring! She survived at least two winters being deaf and partially blind - and successfully mated! Betty was treated for skin and fungal issues this past winter and spring in our clinic. And one week ago, an intern went into her enclosure and saw TWO porcupines! At first, we thought it was a turf battle, only to find out that Betty had been in early stages of pregnancy when admitted. Her baby was born with soft quills which hardened within an hour. And true to the mystery of genetics, the baby does not share the albinism traits of its mom. The early hours after labor were uncertain, as Betty is not in the wild, so we didn't know if natural instincts and processes like nursing would be successful.

We are pleased to announce that both mom and baby are doing well, and will be with us for the next year at least. Mom is non-releasable due to her multiple disabilities, and we hope her baby can be released once old enough to survive on its own, and following the natural timeline when porcupines would be on their own in the wild.

We have placed this sensitive family in one of our most tranquil enclosures, and are making sure to offer them plenty of iron and calcium-rich foods to support nursing and development.

Thank you so much for your caring and kindness, and helping us care for our first porcupine family and onsite birth!

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