Brittany's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jun 2nd, 2018

Hello Everyone !

We are so lucky to announce that Daniel and I are blessed to be having identical twin girls!!!! We are beyond lucky but we definitely are going to need a little help with a lot of things since it is both our first time being parents and we get double duty, every duty you could think of having with a baby. 😜 So that means we are going to be needing almost 2 of everything, ***ESPECIALLY: clothing, hair bows, shoes, or any apparel, make sure when you shop, you get 2 of everything since i will be dressing the girls exactly the same with every outfit, so again; when you buy one make sure you get a second one to match. 😄*** Anything will be a blessing and a big help, and very much appreciated, more than Daniel and I can put into words!!! We are so excited to have everyone to have a place in the start of the Mora family, our beautiful family of 4!

Gift Buying Steps: