Caitlin & Dale's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jun 8th, 2018

For the most part, I am not picky about the specific item listed in the registry. If you know of a better option, or a used option, by all means, go that route!

Here's a few things to think about:

The only items I do not want used are the car seats.

The baby's nursery theme is Snowy Mountains.

We are having a little baby girl so we have an abundance of clothes, however, the seasons don't match perfectly.

Timeline for your ease and reference:

0-3 Months - July-Sep so mostly summer clothes are needed

3-9 months- October-March- warm clothes including hats, mittens, jackets, pants, and socks!

9-12 months- We have a TON of hand-me-downs, but this will be spring, early summer.

Diapers: Always welcome to stash some disposable ones, but we plan to use cloth diapers that Dale has from Lynix's baby days.

Gift Buying Steps: