Chelsea's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Aug 10th, 2018

We are total nerds/geeks, whichever you wish to call us. In saying this, if you find any clothing or other such baby items with Harry Potter, Star Wars, My Neighbor Totoro, Whinie the Poo, etc. on them, then we will be beyond ecstatic. We are going fairly gender neutral with our baby items. The Nursery is going to have a Grey and light blue theme with a focus on Harry Potter and owls. We would like to keep the clothing more gender neutral in terms of colors as well. We are having a baby boy by the way. So exciting!

Also heads up we aren't taking a traditional rout, if you will, in terms of a crib. We have a pack and play that will be our go to for the first few months so that our munchkin can sleep in the room with us, but then we will be trying out the Montessori method in terms of sleeping arrangements. So no traditional crib. We will also be trying to implement this as much as possible with toys and other such items at home. So all those toys with the crazy bells and whistles are going to be off our list.

If there is anything I have forgotten to add and you think is needed please let me know. We appreciate all the help we can get! A big Thank you to everyone who has taken time to help us through our new adventure! Also just a reminder if you send anything through amazon please add a note with your name and address so that we can send out thank you cards. =^.^=</p>

Gift Buying Steps: