Cynthia and Matt's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jul 22nd, 2018

Matt and Cynthia are expecting a baby girl named, Penelope Mary Rogers! At Penelope's 20-week anatomy scan, she looked so healthy that the doctor said, "These images could be used in a textbook as an example of a healthy baby." Penelope sucked her thumb during the ultrasound. Matt and Cynthia play her music and read to her every day, and she kicks the hardest when she hears Matt's voice. Her nursery colors are pink and yellow with bunny accents. She sleeps best when Cynthia is walking, and she likes to kick all the time, but especially at 4:00 AM. Penelope is going to be a July baby, just like Mom. She will be born at David Grant Medical Center on Travis Air Force Base, where Matt works. Matt and Cynthia would appreciate it very much if large or bulky items could kindly be sent directly to their home at 1915 Tanglewood Lane, Vacaville, CA, 95687.

Matt and Cynthia chose to use this registry, rather than a registry at a specific store, so that people who wish to bring a gift, can buy things from anywhere they want, or even re-gift used items. Many of the items listed on the registry will suggest a store, but it is not required to use that store to purchase the gift. Simply mark, "you bought this" on a specific item on the list. There is no need to mark where the items came from. By marking "you bought this", the list lets other knows what the couple still needs.

Gift Buying Steps: