Deepwell Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Sep 18th, 2018 🎉

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our registry. A few things to keep in mind:

• As you will notice from the registry, we really value natural and organic clothing, blankets

and chew toys whenever possible; especially for the first few months—newborn babies

have very thin, permeable skin which absorbs anything next to it very easily. We appreciate

organic fabric to prevent fabric chemicals from being absorbed by her skin.

• We are doing cloth diapers and are already fully stocked in this area so do not need any.

There are some disposable diapers on the registry as there will be times such as travel

when they will be helpful. However, please note natural diapers are very important to us,

so please don't purchase regular pampers or huggies etc.

• We are very excited to be welcoming a baby GIRL, but we do ask that you do not purchase

pink items (other than the few that are on the registry)--we want to be very intentional

about not surrounding her with only "girl" colours.

• We LOVE gently used items--feel free to shop around on craigslist etc, especially for more

expensive items--it's what we are doing anyways and we love being thrifty and helping the

environment by not shopping new all the time.

• Some items we have on our registry are either not available in Canada, or are much

cheaper in the US, so we have put a US postal address on the registry that you can ship

orders to if you like. If you want our Vancouver address for shipping, please contact us


• We will gratefully accept cash gifts to go towards large items such as the carseat & stroller.

We are also starting a university fund now which you are welcome to donate towards.

Please give these gifts directly to us.

• We would love your favourite book instead of a card if you like. We already have "Sam I

Am", a baby memory book, and "Love you Forever".

Thank you so much! We are so blessed to have such an amazing community to raise our little one in and what we value most is your presence in our family's life.