💙Maxson David Raye💙

Arrival Date: Oct 21st, 2018

Thank you all for taking a look and helping us get the things we will need once Maxson arrives. Don't think we need the name brand stuff. If can find it used or off brand it will work just the same.

🐘💙The nursery theme we would like to use is elephants and giraffes. 💙 🐘

We will have the date set for the baby shower soon. I will update here and on social media sites as soon as it is set. Thank you for sharing and being a part of this exciting time in our lives. 💕

We do not need anymore newborn clothing please. We would like to gather clothing for Maxson up to 1 year. To make it easy here is when those months will fall if Maxson is born in Oct when he is due:

0-3 months will be Nov-Jan

3-6 months will be Jan-Apr

6-9 months will be Apr-Jul

9-12 months will be Jul- Oct

Gift Buying Steps: