Emilia Grace's Registry

Arrival Date: Feb 29th, 2016 🎉

Family and Friends,

Not long ago, we used BabyList for Emi's baby registry. We found this site to be such a great help, that we decided to use this as Emilia's wish list for Christmas and birthdays.

We hope you find this website easy to use. Unlike traditional registries, we are not registered at specific stores. Meaning, you can't walk into Babies R Us and get a list printed for us there. That list exists here, online.

When you choose an item from the list, remember to click ‘Reserve It’ to save the gift under your name. Then, click the link to purchase it online or you can purchase it in store, if available.

We are so grateful for any gifts Emi receives. Thank you, again, for all your love and support.

Chris, Elizabeth and Emilia Flores