Megan's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Aug 25th, 2018

Big Sister, Brielle Elizabeth has plenty to share! This is just a Sprinkle! Not much is needed just the basics will do! Like CLOTH diapers and cloth diaper accessories/necessities, gift cards, and an outfit or two.

We are proud to be choosing cloth diapers with baby #2.

Our baby will be wearing cloth and saving us some green.

These dipes are coming back,

they wash and change with ease!

They hold as much as sposies do

and even look cute too

I know you're thinking "just in case"

and want to buy those others.

Trust us dear friend, though you mean well,

we'd love to use cloth diapers!

We have not decided on or fallen in love with a particular brand or style of cloth diapers. So we have a variety here of different brands and styles.

Thank you for supporting us with our journey into the world of cloth diapers!

Gift Buying Steps: