This is the gold standard in baby swings. Its many motion and sound settings can be adjusted via a Bluetooth device.

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Product Details
  • 5 motions, 5 speeds, 4 built-in sounds
  • Plays MP3s and is bluetooth-enabled for remote motion and sound control
  • Mobile toys and seat fabric are removable and machine washable

This is a high-tech bouncer that is designed to simulate the motions parents do when comforting their newborn, and the popularity of this product speaks to its effectiveness. This swing can simulate a range of motions—a car ride, a tree swing, a gentle wave, or the bounce of a parent’s arms. It can play built-in sounds or connect to an MP3 device, and the motion, sound, speed, and volume can be adjusted with a phone or any Bluetooth-enabled smart device. Also, it got enough votes from parents to win its way to the top of our Best Bouncers and Swings guide.

The seat keeps babies secure in a three-point harness and can recline. A mobile toy hangs above the seat, with removable, machine-washable plush toys attached. The seat fabric can also be removed and washed.

What's the difference between a bouncer and a swing anyway? Swings like the mamaRoo have machine-powered motion where bouncers like the bounceRoo respond to your baby's movement and are powered by inertia so they have fewer bells and whistles.

P.S. This seat is the talk of the town, but a potential downside is the price tag. 4moms makes a less expensive but less full-featured swing called the rockaRoo. Or if you'd like to register for this item, it might not be a bad idea to create a group fund for it! Feel free to ask our Happiness Heroes for assistance with this if you'd like.


  • 19.5" x 33" x 25.5"
  • Weight range: 0-25 pounds (until baby can sit up unassisted)
  • 5 motions, 5 speeds, 4 built-in sounds
  • Machine wash and dry fabric and plush toys
  • AC adapter
User Reviews (52)

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We didn't want baby to fall asleep in the mamaroo and rely on it so just didn't use it very much! Our baby spent a lot more time in the Rock & Play which is a lot more affordable.

Small, didn't take up too much space, modern colors and design!

The base went bad very shortly after I purchased it. The company does replace it but the hassle is still frustrating. I feel like it isn't as sturdy as the RockARoo because of how tall it stands above the base. My son was able to use it up to about 7 months while awake and then only when asleep. If he leans to one side at all, the machine clicks. I do love how it is operable from the phone, although I rarely used this feature.

My daughter didn't take to this until she was 3 months old and even then she could only sit in it for a short amount of time - she only napped in it a handful of times. I just don't think it's worth the money since not every baby loves it.

I LOVE the mamaRoo. Our son actually slept in it his first month home and it was a serious life saver. With all the different motions it helps to soothe him even when he's at his fussiest.

From the time we brought her home, my daughter preferred the swing and screamed whenever we attempted to put her in the mamaRoo. The motions were nice but did nothing to soothe or occupy her.

It's easy and practical. No need ti assemble a gazillion pieces. Best part is my baby loved it and being able to control the speed and sounds from my phone was awesome after my c section. I didn't have to bend down.

It was easy to use and the baby enjoyed it.

For the price my kid didn't love it as much as a cheaper regular baby swing. The size was smaller, but once he could wiggle, it seemed less safe to put him in the swing.