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The gold standard in baby swings with motions that mimic human movement and adjustability via a Bluetooth device or a toe tap

About this Product
  • Five natural motions, five speeds, four built-in sounds
  • Floor level on/off and volume buttons you can press with your foot
  • Plays MP3s and is Bluetooth-enabled for remote motion and sound control
  • Mobile toys and seat fabric are removable and machine washable


This is a high-tech bouncer that is designed to simulate the motions parents do when comforting their newborn, and the popularity of this product speaks to its effectiveness. This swing can simulate a range of motions—a car ride, a tree swing, a gentle wave, or the bounce of a parent’s arms. It can play built-in sounds or connect to an MP3 device, and the motion, sound, speed and volume can be adjusted with a phone or any Bluetooth-enabled smart device. Also, it got enough votes from parents to win its way to the top of our Best Bouncers and Swings guide.

The seat keeps babies secure in a three-point harness and can recline from upright to flat, so it works well for newborns and nappers. A mobile hangs above the seat, with removable, machine-washable plush toys: a rattle ball, a crinkle ball and a ball with a mirror. The soft seat fabric can also be removed and washed.

This latest model of the mamaRoo has an intuitive interface that’s situated at floor level with large on/off and volume buttons you can press with your foot. It’s also lightweight and has a compact footprint and sleek styling that wins points with parents.

What’s the difference between a bouncer and a swing anyway? Swings like the mamaRoo have machine-powered motion where bouncers like the BabyBjorn Balance Bouncer respond to your baby’s movement and are powered by inertia so they have fewer bells and whistles.

P.S. This seat is the talk of the town, but a potential downside is the price tag. 4moms makes a less expensive but less full-featured swing called the rockaRoo. Check out the comparison video below (note: the video features the 2016 model of the 4moms mamaRoo). Or if you’d like to register for this item, it might not be a bad idea to create a group fund for it! Feel free to ask our Happiness Heroes for assistance with this if you’d like.


  • 19.5” x 33” x 25.5”
  • 19 lbs
  • Child weight range: 0-25 pounds (until baby can sit up unassisted)
  • Five motions, five speeds, four built-in sounds
  • MP3 compatible
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Machine wash and dry fabric and plush toys
  • AC adapter
  • One year warranty

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June 1, 2018

May 10, 2018

It was just a wonderful swing choice of all of the options available.

May 7, 2018

It’s too smooth and my baby didn’t like it. Go with a cheaper option like a regular swing or rock n play—it worked so much better.

May 3, 2018

This product is so expensive for little usage. It's not at all portable so I only had it in one room, and the chair only lasts until about 3-4 months. I found MUCH cheaper alternatives (like the rock and play) that were portable and fit my baby until 7-8 months.

May 3, 2018

My baby was happy to hang out in there for a while, but it did not lull her to sleep.

April 24, 2018

This was a great place to set the baby down safely for a few minutes- it kept him more content than any other of the seat type things we had- but he didn't LOVE it. Now that he is older, around 6 months, he actually likes it a lot more.

Maria Theresa
March 26, 2018

1. there were types of swaying but all seemed the same. 2. speed just didn’t have enough movement even at the highest setting. 3. to connect your own music, you had to connect via aux cord... heck if i could turn the machine on/off & changing setting via bluetooth; why the heck couldn’t i play music via bluetooth!?!

March 26, 2018

Supposedly it moves more like a human and is the best for lulling baby to sleep. Our baby wouldn’t even sit in it until about 2 months old, let alone sleep in it. Ultimately it wasn’t worth the money. Our bouncer served us much better (and was way cheaper).

March 21, 2018

My baby preferred the bigger/faster motion of the standard swing to the mamaRoo.