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Instantly prepares warm formula bottles with the push of a button.


Designed to save you time and hassle, Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro Advanced is an automated formula mixer you can operate with the push of a button. Fill it with water and formula, and it’s all set to make up to 20 8-ounce bottles, each one warm and ready to go when you need it.

The LED control panel offers a simple interface for customizing the size of the bottle (1-ounce increments between 2 and 10 ounces) and the temperature (room temp, body temp or warmer). The machine heats the water and mixes in just the right amount of powder with no air bubbles almost instantly. Since the water is warmed to just the right temp, you also eliminate the second step of warming it.

The Formula Pro Advanced works with all bottle sizes and brands, and virtually all formula brands. The removable, BPA-free water tank holds 50 ounces and is dishwasher safe.

While a formula maker is by no means a necessity, this one will undoubtedly prove helpful to busy parents. Unlike other gadgets that require two hands, this one is no problem to operate while you’re holding your baby. For a more economical mixer, check out Baby Brezza’s One Step Formula Mixer—it doesn’t heat, but mixes a pitcher full of smooth formula.


  • BPA free
  • Choose formula and water or water only
  • Compatible with virtually all formula brands and types, including Similac Alimentum
  • Airtight formula storage

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January 4, 2020

It’s so easy to use and makes making bottles a breeze.

July 23, 2019

It takes 2.6 seconds to make a bottle. Ok I haven’t timed it yet, but it’s that quick. Especially for those late nights when you need a bottle quick. It has 3 different heating selections: room temperature, body temperature, and a little warmer than body temperature. It makes 2oz-10oz. The only thing that may be a little annoying is that every 4 bottles you have to clean the tray that the formula comes out of. I guess it’s better safe than sorry. I’m glad I bought it. I would recommend this to anyone!!!! Something you may splurge on. If you’re not breastfeeding this is a great option. I was skeptical at first and bought it 3-4 weeks before my due date. I didn’t believe the hype originally, but now I’m all about it.

July 8, 2019

Love the convenience, however the system does not dispense an accurate amount of formula with each bottle. The water is perfect every time, the issue is the formula. We tested the grams dispensed multiple times and never once did it provide the correct amount. Do not recommend!

April 6, 2019