Baby JoggerCity Mini GT Double Stroller



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color: Crimson/Gray

What weabout it
Hardy enough to handle rough terrain, this double stroller is still compact, maneuverable, and folds like a dream.

About this Product
  • One-second one-hand fold
  • Foam-filled no-flat tires
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • Infinite recline to adjust seat to any position
  • Adjustable handlebar


Just like the City Mini Double Stroller, it’s got that lovely one-second one-hand flat fold and the effortless maneuverability (even pushing a fully loaded stroller with one hand). So what extra features do you get for the higher price of the GT version? The main difference is that it’s more all-terrain: you’ve got front-wheel suspension and foam-filled no-flat wheels, so the stroller will be able to deal with grass or gravel without wheel damage. The seats are also roomier and have more padding, and the handlebar is adjustable (which is an important feature for parents with very different heights). Keep in mind that even though the brand is called Baby Jogger, this is not a jogging stroller.

The glide on this stroller is seriously amazing. One parent said: “70 pounds in the stroller and it still felt like pushing air.” The seats can recline for naptime and the canopies fold back separately, so you can adjust the individual seats to what each child wants. The seatbelts are comfortable, easily adjusted, and easy to snap open (even with one hand).

Keep in mind that you can only clip a carseat into one side of this stroller (and that requires an adapter) so this might not work out for newborn twins. For some siblings, it’s nice to be side-by-side if they enjoy interacting.

It’s hard to get things in the rear of the basket because there’s a bar in the way, but at least the bar is curved, which makes things easier than on the non-GT version of the stroller. The basket’s okay for putting individual items into, but you may have trouble cramming your full diaper bag down there. Also accessories are sold separately which increases the cost if a cup holder, parent console, or child tray is essential to you.


  • Stroller weight: 32.5 lbs
  • Child weight limit: 50 lbs per seat
  • Storage basket weight limit: 10 lbs
  • Child height limit: 44”
  • Wheels: No Flat
  • Suspension: Front wheel
  • Machine wash, cold water, air dry
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 44” x 29.75” x 30-43.5”
  • Dimensions Folded: 12.5” x 29.75” x 31”

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January 11, 2017

So we've had this stroller for four years, I actually have the older version (the only difference is the one side quick connect of a car seat). If that doesn't matter to you, look for the older version you'll save a bit of money.

Why this and not the mini? The tires. You may not think it's worth the price difference but if you plan on using this for years and many travels as we have get the GT. The food flat design is so simple: it truly folds flat at about 7 inches in width. You can remove wheels for squeezing it into a packed vehicle.

This stroller is not cheap, but it is well constructed and solid. The seats have a 4 point harness and you can utilize this stroller for the lifetime of your child's young years. The seats fold all the way back and the sun shade goes all the way forward creating the perfect bassinet-like resting place. So you'll notice you see a ton of these in Walt Disney World. I first thought, "Wow lots of people were able to afford this, it is worth it huh!" No, in the area there are rental services that provide higher end products like strollers for travelers, (traveling with a stroller on a plane can be annoying). Well, the three major rental companies use these strollers exclusively. Why? Because they're built for use. Those tires on the GT, as I mentioned, make all the difference.

My eldest is seven, he could still sit in the stroller when my youngest was born. They had a weird attachment bar to connect the car seat. Now the new model has one side with a quick connect that fits more brands of infant carriers than any brand. This is ideal for me, which means I will be purchasing a second one.

Some last selling points: turn on a dime steering, a handle bar that can be adjusted to my 6' 3 husband's height. We fight over who's pushing this stroller! Lastly as I said... who hates using changing stations-- I do! When we travel I change diapers discreetly anywhere. Simply slide the seat all the way back lower the privacy shade, get your diaper bag unbuckle baby, slide a mat (if you feel the need) underneath, change your baby, readjust the seats and go.... no icky bathroom setups. I've changed bathing suits, outfits you name it.

With all the additional items that can be added for storage and cup holders, this stroller is meant for wear and tear and going places. Worth it in every way. I don't think a side by side is too big it clears a standard door perfectly. I know people think that other configurations are best, they're limiting in the end. Consider that currently, my five year old and two year old sit side by side when he doesn't want to walk. No issues. Usually four is the suggested age limit, even Baby Jogger can't offer a ride to a five year old on any other model.