Baby JoggerFoot Muff for Baby Jogger Strollers


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A great way to keep your baby snug and cosy in their stroller during chilly weather.


This is a great bunting for keeping your winter baby cozy within their stroller. It’s warm and fleecy on the inside and waterproof on the outside. It works perfectly with the City Mini and similar Baby Jogger strollers (see here for complete list of compatible strollers).

The bunting has slits for the stroller harness so you can buckle it in securely, and you can fold your stroller no problem with the muff still inside. One downside to this bunting is the top part tends to slip down, so you need to fiddle with it and pull it back up again. It also doesn’t have any drawstring closure for the top, so there’s no way to snug it around baby’s shoulders.

In theory, you can use it until your baby is 24 months old, but if your baby is above the 95th percentile (or you don’t like their shoulders poking out of the lower part of the bunting) they may outgrow it earlier.


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