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What weabout it
This comfortable, easy to use wrap has cotton mesh panels for breathability.

About this Product
  • Lightweight cotton with mesh and solid panels
  • Six carrying positions
  • Double loop design slips on like a T-shirt
  • Sized for the wearer
  • No infant insert necessary


Baby K’tan’s hip-healthy carriers are ideal for beginner baby-wearers and parents who can’t face the usual 10-plus steps required to use a wrap, but still want the snuggly closeness. Pared down to three steps that even the sleep-deprived can handle, the Baby K’tan goes on quickly and comfortably adjusts to six different positions. (It does require some practice to master the steps of looping the material into various positions.)

The carrier slips on like a T-shirt, and the double-loop design evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your shoulders and back. It also has a carrying pouch that doubles as a supportive sash for your back (don’t throw it away!). Like most wraps that have more stretch and less structure than pack-style carriers, the K’tan is best for smaller babies.

The Baby K’tan Breeze has cotton-mesh construction that gives it versatile breathability. Each loop is split, with solid cotton on one side and cotton mesh on the other. The loops can be rotated to place the mesh in front or back, providing added air flow where you most need it. With its mesh fabric, the Breeze is lighter and cooler than the K’tan original. It will still feel heavier and warmer than the K’tan Active, but some may prefer the cotton fabric to the Active’s polyester.

Unlike a typical wrap that can be modified to fit all-size wearers, the Baby K’tan comes in specific sizes. A partner or caregiver whose body size is different from yours won’t be able to share this carrier with you. However, since the carrier is sized to the adult, not the baby, you won’t need to buy a larger size as your baby grows. The carrier size generally corresponds to your fitted (tight) T-shirt size. (See details in specs below.)

If you are 5’2” or under, choose a smaller size. If you are in between sizes based on the measurements below, size down. If you are pregnant, base sizing on your pre-pregnancy size. The carrier is meant to fit snugly!


  • Weight range: newborn-35 lbs
  • Age range: 0-3 years (approximately)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash and dry

Sizes (according to women’s top size and men’s suit jacket size):

  • Extra Small: fits Women’s 2-4, Men’s up to 36
  • Small: fits Women’s 6-8, Men’s 37-38
  • Medium: fits Women’s 10-14, Men’s 39-42
  • Large: fits Women’s 16-20, Men’s 43-46
  • Extra Large: fits Women’s 22-24, Men’s 47-52

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August 23, 2019

This baby carrier is so easy to use and it's not too hot for our baby (even in Florida's August heat).

July 16, 2019

It is easy to use and offers several positions to put the baby in as they develop.

May 22, 2019

I liked this product, but my daughter did not. As an adult it was much easier to use and figure out than other baby wraps and carriers. But my child felt restricted in it. I tried other wraps and finally found one she felt comfortable in.

May 14, 2019

I call it the “magic sleep wrap” because she often naps while I have her in it. It’s so useful to get some things done but still be snuggly close. I use it for walks, chores in the house, at the store, out to eat and if she’s having a particularly hard time napping.

April 30, 2019

I like that it’s not restrictive, not bulky and soft for babe. It’s easy to pack up, also easy to put on. I don’t love that it stretches out too fast. Can only use it a couple times before having to wash to shrink it.

August 25, 2018

My baby only liked it for the first month, after that she liked more of a Sakura bloom—looser not elastic type holder