BabyBjornBib for BabyBjorn Miracle and Original Carrier


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What weabout it
This bib catches spit-up and drool to keep your carrier looking new.

About this Product
  • Works with the Original and Miracle style carriers
  • Protects baby carrier from getting dirty
  • Waterproof surface
  • Easy to attach and remove


When your bean hits three months or so, she’ll become a drool machine and super obsessed with sucking on every available surface. Slip this swatch of terry cloth over the top of your carrier to protect it from spit-up and drool when your baby is in the front-facing-out position, and you won’t have to wash the entire thing every time you go out. Just detach and throw the bib in the wash. The bib is soft and won’t let wetness soak through, but more importantly, it doesn’t have any hazardous chemicals or allergens.

While the bib is great at keeping the covered area clean and stain-free, it won’t necessarily stop drool from seeping down your baby’s neck and onto her clothes.

(If you are getting the BabyBjorn One carrier, this is the matching bib.)


  • Compatible with the Original and Miracle style carriers only
  • 80% cotton and 20% polyester
  • Machine wash

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