BritaxB-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat



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color: Black

What weabout it
A stylish and safe way to match your favorite BOB stroller.


This infant car seat has the same blend of style and safety as the BOB B-Safe, but with a few changes and additional features. The BOB B-Safe 35 is so named because it can hold children weighing up to 35 lbs (this extension allows your baby to remain rearfacing- the safest seat option- for a longer period of time). Thw seat is built with Britax’s exclusive SafeCell Impact Protection features, including an impact-stabilizing steel frame and an impact-absorbing base that reduces the intense forces of collision. The contoured shell of the seat takes up little room in the car, while also minimizing side-to-side movement for extra safety. The BOB B-Safe 35 has center-pull straps that tighten easily and on/off lower LATCH protectors that smoothly lock the seat in place.

The BOB B-Safe 35 comes in fabrics that match BOB strollers, creating a compatible travel system (with the additional purchase of an adapter). An extra car seat base (to install the BOB B-Safe 35 in multiple cars) is also available.


  • Child weight: 4 to 35 lbs
  • Child standing height: 32” or less
  • Product weight (car seat only): 10 lbs
  • Product weight (base only): 9 lbs

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August 10, 2018