BoppyMulti-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow


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color: Ring Toss



What weabout it
The unique contoured design supports your body head-to-toe during pregnancy and after.


When you can’t seem to get comfortable, pregnancy pillows help you find that perfect position to get some much-needed sleep.

This one-piece pillow gives you total body support head-to-toe. It has a contoured shape that you can hug while laying on your side–including between your knees which gives instant relief. Many mamas-to-be swear by it for both pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

When you’re not using it for sleeping, it’s amazing for getting comfy while reading in bed (it can fold and tuck behind your back), working on the couch and so on. It can be folded, wrapped and arranged into varying shapes that support you throughout your day and night.

The pillow comes with a soft slipcover which can be machine washed along with the pillow. (Boppy recommends drying the pillow with tennis balls to help retain its shape.)


  • Filled with 100% polyester virgin fiber
  • Machine wash

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