BoppyNursing Cover



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color: Seville

What weabout it
Large, full-coverage apron has a sliding ring at the top to track which side you nursed on last.


This apron-style cover gives you privacy for nursing in situations where you want a little more discretion. It’s also helpful for focusing a baby who is easily distracted from the task at hand by the many interesting sights around her.

The top is structured, bowing out slightly so you can see your baby and make eye contact while nursing, and there’s an adjustable strap to get just the right fit.

Plentiful fabric provides full coverage, and a patented ring at the front slides back and forth to track which side you nursed on last. The whole things folds up into a pouch you can throw in the diaper bag.


  • 0+ months
  • 25” (chest to legs) x 35” (hip to hip)
  • Machine washable

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May 7, 2019

It has a little plastic piece around the neck that keeps the top of the cover propped open and away from your skin. This helps you see the baby when your nursing as well as provide a little air flow for the baby. It also has its own little bag sewn on to tuck the cover back into for easy carrying.