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Makes traveling with a car seat SO much easier.


This case is a really convenient way to carry your car seat when traveling, especially flying. We highly recommended using a car seat bag when you check a car seat because seat can lose pieces on its way through baggage handling. Some airlines give you a big plastic bag, but others require you to bring your own bag or buy one of theirs.

The Cover Guard fits most forward-facing and convertible car seats (see complete list here to double check that it fits your specific seat). Since it has both straps and wheels, you can use it either as a backpack or as a wheelie bag. The fabric is nice and tough and can withstand the rigors of airline baggage handling.

It’s got a zippered storage pocket that fills the void inside the car seat so you can squeeze a few extra things in there, too. It’s a really great design to have the storage compartment and the car seat compartment be separate!

Of course, it has to be bulky: car seats are pretty unwieldy objects, even when they’re inside an awesome carrying case. Be careful that when you’re wearing it as a backpack, so you don’t accidentally whack anyone with it when you turn around.


  • Fits most convertible and forward-facing car seats (see complete list here)
  • Carries up to 60 lbs
  • 28″ x 19″ x 24″

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