BricaMega White Hot Sun Rollershade



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What weabout it
It’s very easy to position to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes, and it alerts you when the car becomes too hot.


This car window sunshade protects baby from sun in the back sea. This one is a lot more convenient to use than the others. It attaches both with adjustable clips and suction cups, so it’s less likely to fall off accidentally, and easier to reposition. You can push one button to roll up the shade quickly. Although the mesh provides excellent shade, it doesn’t block your vision, so you still have some sense of what’s going on outside the window.

One of the coolest features is a little temperature gauge that alerts you (via a color change) when it’s too hot in your car. That’s a nice little safety bonus!

Keep in mind: Even though this shade is a little bit bigger than normal, it will not cover 100% of the surface area of the window. There will still be sun cracking through around the edges.


  • Both clip and suction cup attachment
  • One push retract button
  • 18” x 13”

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July 29, 2019

The shade doesn't have the ability to cover the little back triangle window, so it only blocked about 40% of the sun coming in, and even less of the sun that shines right into my daughter's is literally pointless.