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This automatically extends and retracts as you open and close your car window, making it easy for your baby to get both shade and fresh air at the same time!


One thing that’s a pain about car window sunshades: what if you want to roll down your window? This shade has a genius solution: you securely install it from the bottom by wedging its base into the crack where the bottom of your car window meets your car door. You use a little clip to attach the top of it to the top of your window. It automatically extends and retracts as you raise and lower your car window, moving with your window. That way you don’t have to park the car and fuss around with the shade just to get a breath of fresh air.

The design is such that the length can always be exactly right, but sun will come through on either side of the shade. Also some people have problems with the fastening of the shade coming undone (either at the bottom or the top). It can be a little annoying to have to redo the fastening or to have the shade suddenly snap free. Other than that, it’s pretty great!


  • Compatible with most vehicles, no tools required
  • Automatically extends and retracts
  • 16.25” x 19.25”

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