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Just right for getting a large, clear view of your baby in the backseat.


This extra-large convex mirror gives you a nice complete view of your baby. It’s shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about breakage in the case of a car accident. It can be dropped, licked by dogs, kicked by babies, and it still doesn’t get damaged.

It’s got adjustable straps which is handy for getting the angle just right to see your baby, but it can be a bit wobbly (or require occasional re-adjusting). Also it only works on cars with headrests. For getting a perfect view of your baby, it’s a solid choice, although we do have a mirror that’s even bigger.


  • Shatterproof
  • Attaches with adjustable straps
  • 7.5” x 3” x 11.5”

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August 6, 2018

August 1, 2018

If you will be driving your baby around in a car, you'll want a mirror to be able to see them in their rear-facing car seat. I'm not sure if there's much difference between the mirrors offered, but have no complaints about this one. Easy to install, uninstall, re-install and cheap considering the peace of mind it continues to provide.

July 8, 2018

I love this mirror! I can see all of baby and it holds its place well! This is a must buy!

June 4, 2018

Fits perfectly in all our vehicles & doesn’t slide around like another brand we tried. Love that the mirror is large enough to get a great view of our rear-facing baby.

March 20, 2018

Nice and wide so you get a nice big picture of your baby.

March 12, 2018

Works great, but sometimes it gets loose and I have to fix.

December 27, 2017

This is a great mirror for large cabins such as a van since it can be pivoted to any angle and provide a long range of view. It is very stable, however, it vibrates a little too much to see baby clearly when driving on rougher roads.

December 4, 2017

It works to see my babies while they are rear facing. It tends to slip on the seat and require re-adjusting regularly. Adjusting requires 2 adults to be efficient.

October 5, 2017

Had to use tape to keep it in place at the correct angle. I wish I would have picked something else out!