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Removable, universal wheeled board lets an older child catch a ride behind your stroller


A second child can grab a ride behind your stroller with Britax’s universal stroller board. It attaches easily to most strollers with mounting brackets, with a quick release for easy on/off. Three wheels and independent suspension make a comfortable ride for children at least two years old and up to 50 pounds. A storage strap allows you to keep the board attached but position it up and out of the way when not in use, and you can fold the stroller with it attached.

While strollers with a built-in board are designed with this function in mind, regular strollers are not, so using a stroller board is awkward by nature. The board sticks out into the area where your body normally would be, so you have to stand further back from the stroller and extend your arms more, making it more difficult for the adult to push and walk.

It can still be a lifesaver in a travel situation where you need to get from point A to point B, but your older child just doesn’t have the energy to keep up, like in the airport or at an amusement park. But parents don’t love the board for day-to-day use or long walks.

If you have a stroller that was designed with this in mind, it can be a great, cheaper alternative to a double stroller.


  • 7 lbs.
  • Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Works with horizontal or vertical stroller frames
  • For use with one child, at least 2 years of age
  • Max. Child Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Compatible with most strollers, including Britax Affinity, B-Ready (without second seat or infant car seat adapter attached), B-Agile, B-Scene, B-Nimble, Blink, and Chaperone strollers and BOB Motion, Revolution SE (Single and Duallie), Revolution CE, Sport Utility Stroller (Single and Duallie), Ironman (Single and Duallie), and Stroller Strides (Single and Duallie)

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