BugabooCameleon³ Stroller



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color: Black/Black

style: Aluminum

What weabout it
A high quality stroller that adjusts to your child’s age and to any kind of terrain.

About this Product
  • Includes both bassinet and toddler seat
  • No-flat tires with swivel wheel suspension
  • Height-adjustable handlebar that can be on either side of the stroller
  • Easy-to-use hand brake
  • Comes with rain cover, bassinet cover & carry handle


This is a multi-terrain stroller with a bassinet mode for a newborn and a seat mode that accommodates a child up to 37.5 pounds. The seat can face front or back, recline, or lie flat. The stroller is built from high-quality materials and will take you over bumps, snow, sand, park grass, etc, just fine, with its swivel wheel suspension and foam-filled no flat tires.

A rain cover and a bassinet apron to protect baby from the elements is included in the price. The bassinet comes with a carry handle to gently remove baby from the stroller, and the sun canopy is nice and big (although it lacks a peekaboo window).

The handlebar is not only height adjustable (for you tall or short parent) you can place it on either side of the stroller. Why is this handy? The bigger wheels can be either on the front or the back depending on the conditions the stroller needs to push through.

The stroller basket can be removed from under the stroller and used as a drawstring bag, which is an amazing feature that prevents the need to repack and reorganize. However, the basket’s a little on the smaller side (allows just 8.8 pounds where 10 pounds is average). Also, there’s no storage other than the basket, so if you want a handy place to toss your keys or phone, buy a stroller organizer separately.

The two-hand push feels fine, but the one-hand push is a bit of a strain. It could use a little more maneuverability. The biggest downside to this stroller is probably the fold: it takes five steps to fold and it’s not a self-standing or compact fold. If you’re going to be collapsing this stroller very frequently, or storing it in a tight space, you might want to check out other options.


  • Weight of stroller: 21 lbs
  • Child weight limit (bassinet): 20 lbs
  • Child weight limit (seat): 37.5 lbs
  • Storage basket weight limit: 8.8 lbs
  • Child height limit: 40”
  • Wheel filling: Foam
  • Suspension: Swivel wheel
  • Machine wash cold, air dry
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 35” x 23” x 12”
  • Dimensions Folded: 35” x 20” x 12”

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February 20, 2018

It is not ideal for the suburbs as you need to remove the seat for the stroller to be able to fold and be stowed away into your vehicle. This makes a “quick trip to the store” a rather arduous task. Ideal if living in a city center and the stroller doesn’t need to be loaded into a vehicle regularly.