Charlie BananaDisposable Inserts (32 Pack)


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What weabout it
These make it easier to travel with cloth diapers, and they’re thicker and more absorbent than your average diaper liner.


These disposable diaper liners are for use with Charlie Banana’s cloth diapers: put the two of them together to create a nice compromise between cloth and disposable. These are very soft and don’t bother your baby’s bottom the way that disposable diapers sometimes do, and they’re a lot more substantial than a normal thin liner. If you want to use cloth diapers but don’t want to carry poop around with you, they’re a handy tool to have. Although they are very absorbent, they don’t have waterproof backing, so keep in mind that little leaks will still sometimes reach the cloth diaper.


  • Average cost per disposable insert: $0.50
  • Size range: One size fits all
  • Diaper type: Hybrid Diaper
  • Material: Rayon made from bamboo
  • Chlorine free, plastic free, perfume-free, hypo-allergenic

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