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Premium playard comes with both a napper and a changer


A portable playard is a versatile, must-have item for many parents, and Graco has the formula down pat. All Graco Pack ‘n Plays have the same basic construction, and they all set up and break down in the same way. The various models (and there are a lot of them) have a menu of additional features that ice the cake.

Like all Pack ‘n Plays, this one has a cushioned mattress pad at the base. It comes with a removable bassinet that fills the playard entirely, sitting up higher than the mattress pad below. You can use this when your baby is younger—up to 15 pounds—to avoid having to bend down to get her out of the main part of the playard, which is just above floor level. The bassinet folds down with the playard. (It does not include a fitted sheet. So if you’re going to be using the bassinet or playard for sleep often, we recommend getting a few sheets.)

Other universal Graco features include a sturdy frame with mesh sides for maximum air flow and visibility. The playard also comes with a carrying case; it’s easy to travel with, and, while the fold is a bit awkward, once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard. (See our video below on how to set it up and take it apart.)

Made with premium fabrics, this model has both a napper and a changing station that go inside the bassinet for use during your baby’s first months. The newborn napper is a cozy sleeping spot for infants under thre months (or unable to roll over). With its nest-like shape and soft microfleece fabric, the napper creates restful cocoon to keep your baby snug and comfortable. A newborn headrest gives extra support for your little one, and a dome canopy shades them from bright overhead lights. It also has soothing vibrations.

The changer can be installed right next to the napper; it’s elevated above the bassinet to make changes easier on your back. When using the bassinet, the main part of the playard becomes a storage area with fabric shelves and a large zipper opening.

Once your baby moves out of infancy, just remove the bassinet portion and use the Pack ‘n Play as a playard. It’s a great place to nap or play until they can climb out.

If you are looking for a bare bones Pack ‘n Play, the On The Go has just the playard, the bassinet and a toy bar. The Pack ‘n Play Reversible Napper and Changer is similar to the DLX, except the napper and changer are part of the same piece, not two separate pieces and it doesn’t have the premium fabrics. The Pack ‘n Play Newborn Napper Elite has everything of the DLX plus an additional storage bag on the side.


  • Newborn Napper and Changer: for babies under three months.
  • Bassinet: for babies under 15 lbs. and unable to push up on hand and knees
  • Playard: for children up to 30 lbs. and 35 in. tall who are unable to climb out
  • 33.25” x 28.5” x 40”
  • 32.4 lbs

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December 30, 2018

It essentially has a welcome baby kit all in one. Need a place to change your little one's diapers? It's got a handy changing station! Need a bassinet for you newest family member? That's also right there. Don't forget that your little one needs some storage for their clothes, diapers, blankets and wipes. There are four included until your little one gets big enough (by that point, you'll no longer be using the bassinet and will need to have purchased a different changing station).

The only drawbacks are: A) You can't move the bassinet. It's a set location on the Pack-n-Play, so there's no moving baby around. B) You eventually need to purchase a different changing station, as the one with the Pack-n-Play won't be able to hold your baby. C) The shelves, while awesome, don't hold a lot per shelf. They could have easily made the shelves deeper.

Overall, our family has loved it, and we appreciate how it adapts to each of our baby's stages throughout her first year!