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What weabout it
Colorful fabric toys adorn this mobile made for your Halo Bassinest


Appliqued toys dance above your little one on these mobiles made specially for Halo Bassinests. The toys will move as your baby moves in the Bassinest, encouraging eye-tracking stimulation. The mobile also plays Brahm’s lullaby as it gently turns.

Note that this is not a battery operated mobile; you can turn a little crank to get it to turn for about five minutes. It is meant only for Halo products and won’t reliably stay attached to other bassinets.


  • Remove when your baby begins to push up on hands and knees
  • Plastic arm is covered with a fabric sleeve

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September 8, 2019

We didn’t have a mobile for our first two babies but I have become a huge fan of the Pom Pom mobile. When our little guy opens his eyes he has something to look at and I think it’s been a big contributor to him being able to lay in the Bassinest awake and not get fussy immediately after waking. The music feature is a nice addition, I actually enjoy listening to the lullabies as I’m falling asleep too! I love that the mobile is shades of white and grey. Since newborns can’t see in color it provides a good contrast for them to focus on.

April 16, 2018

I have the birds version, it would be perfect if it was as shown in the picture ribbons attaching the birds. It’s actually cheap white string, also each bird had a large tag on it that I had to remove myself very carefully with scissors and you can still tell that there was a tag there because I don’t have small enough scissors to cut without cutting the birds themselves.