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Made especially for twins, this luxury version of Halo’s swiveling, bedside bassinet has soothing sounds and vibrations, a floor light and a caddy.

About this Product
  • Twins are close together but sleep spaces separated by a light mesh wall
  • 360 swivel and adjustable stand lets you position your babies just right
  • Space-saving design with a base that tucks under the bed
  • Retractable walls lower and automatically return, making tending to babies from bed easy
  • “Soothing Center” has a night light, lullabies, nature sounds and vibration


With Halo’s bedside bassinet, your twin babies can be near you and next to each other at night, but secure in their own defined spaces. It’s perfect for parents who want closeness but don’t feel comfortable co-sleeping. Breathable mesh walls provide separate sleep spaces for your babies, letting them sleep close together without bed-sharing. Use the 360-degree swivel to move the bassinet in next to you when you’re sleeping, then swivel it away so you can get out of bed more easily in the morning. The retractable, locking side walls lower to make it convenient to tend to babies from bed (especially helpful for nighttime nursing or moms recovering from C-sections).

The Luxe twin model has a built-in floor light to help you see at night without waking your babies. The Soothing Center offers a nightlight, three lullabies, three nature and womb sounds, two levels of vibration, and a nursing timer with auto shut off. A storage caddy and two pockets help keep necessities close at hand.

The four-point base is heavy and extremely sturdy, and tucks under almost any bed. Requiring 45” of clearance from the wall, the twin Bassinest is great for small spaces. Parents find that the base is too heavy to make the bassinet portable. Once you get it set up, it’s probably staying where it is. The good news: most find it’s too heavy to be accidentally tipped by a pet, a toddler or even a grown-up.

Unlike larger cribs that do not come with mattress, the Bassinest includes two waterproof mattresses, one for each baby, plus two polyester fitted sheets coordinated to match the frame, two 100% cotton white fitted sheets, and two mattress pads.

While there are other Bassinests in this line from Halo, but only this one is made for two babies. It’s also the only twin bassinet on the market that rotates 360 degrees.


  • Base: 45” x 45”
  • Legs: 21” each, 43” total
  • Overall height: 36” at lowest point
  • Bed: 55” x 35”
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • For two babies ages 0 to 5 mos. or 20 lbs. each (Discontinue use when wither baby shows signs of rolling over or pushing up.)
  • 2 storage pockets
  • Includes two waterproof mattresses, two mattress pads, two fitted polyester sheets, and two fitted 100% cotton sheets
  • Mattress and Bassinest sides wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Machine washable sheets
  • Soothing Center with sounds, vibrations, night light, and nursing timer
  • Floor light
  • Coordinating storage caddy
  • Fits most beds from 24” to 34” tall
  • Requires 45” clearance from wall
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Retractable side wall with lock
  • Phthalate and lead free
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Mattresses contain no toxic flame retardants.
  • Independently tested to meet or exceed all U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada safety standards for bassinets.
  • JPMA certified
  • 1-Year warranty

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July 30, 2019

The safety feature of this bassinet was its selling point for me. Once we started using it, all of the other features were a pleasant bonus! I consider this product a “twin necessity” for those safety conscious Mama’s like me. It’s safe, it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful - this is a MUST HAVE!

July 19, 2019

Best twin sleeper on the market! Safe, convenient, and comfortable for babies. This is the way to go if you have two! It will give you peace of mind knowing your littles are safe, and getting sleep next to your bed!

July 16, 2019

This bassinet is on my must-have list! Our twinnies came at 34 weeks via emergency C-section and I needed them up higher than your traditional bassinets to take the pressure off my back and stomach. With a 2-year-old at home too, I love that this is up high and away from curious little hands that just want to help! The 360 spin is so smooth. Neither babe would flinch when spun around. But what I love most of all is that they can see/smell/hear each other, which brings them comfort, but they're in separate spaces which lets me sleep well at night too! Super easy to set up, easy to use. It's very pretty and fits in with modern decor!

June 25, 2019

I love this bassinet because it allows my babies to safely sleep together. Not to mention all the cool features—360 degree rotation, lullabies and white noise, vibrating mattress, let down sides. There’s even an alarm automatically set at 30 minutes to remind you to put your baby back. Before the halo sleeper, co-sleeping while breastfeeding was so much more challenging. Not anymore!!! I’m forever grateful for this bassinet!

June 18, 2019

With twins you'll do anything for a few extra minutes of sleep in the early days. For us, the solution was letting them sleep as close as possible together while maintaining safe sleep practices. The Bassinest offers the best of both worlds by allowing the twins to feel near each other but being safely divided. It has a compact footprint compared to the other dual sleepers I was looking at and the weight max is higher than the other options I was considering. Great for maximizing the amount of use we'll get out of it. My husband also loved how quick and easy it was to assemble.

The sheets wrap fully under the mattress pads so there's absolutely no way they could come off in the middle of the night by accident. There's a reminder alarm you can set for 30 mins to ensure you don't fall asleep and forget to put baby back. The swivel feature makes it easy to keep both babies close without having to reach way out.

June 13, 2019

Our twins were early and I needed to keep them close, but we were concerned about following safe sleeping guidelines. This allowed us to do both, and allowed me to tend to them without getting out of bed. A must-have! Looks big but saves so much space over having two bassinets.