Le Petit Prince (French)


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Antone de Saint Exupery’s masterpiece is arguably the dreamiest, most elegant children’s story of all time.


The book begins with an apology that roughly translates to, “Hey kids, I’m sorry I dedicated this book to a grown-up.”

Distrust of the adult and the serious is a primary theme of this whimsical hero’s journey, and the satirical edge to the fable delights kids and grownups alike.

One of the bestselling books of all time, as well as the most widely translated, this edition presents the story in its original French, with the complete original illustrations. (Click here for the English version.)


  • Author/illustrator: Antone de Saint Exupery
  • Paper book
  • 84 pages
  • 6” x 0.2” x 9”
  • Published: August 16, 2013

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