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What weabout it
It’s simple, but effective design allows for quick-latching for nursing babies and no-hassle cleaning.

About this Product
  • Nipple promotes breastfeeding latch
  • Anti-colic vent is a breeze to clean and assemble
  • Glass does not absorb odor, color or taste
  • Two-year warranty


Forget spending eons at the sink hand washing a bazillion teeny parts for a bottle that your newborn actually likes. No, with the Joovy Boob Glass Baby Bottle you can have the best of all worlds: a bottle that mimics breastfeeding, prevents gas-induced tummy aches, and is so easy to clean you’ll cry in relief (it’s the hormones!).

The wide nipple is longer, which allows babies to take more of it into their mouths just like they do when nursing. Another neat benefit is that Joovy nipples are “baked” during the manufacturing process to make them strong enough to withstand suction pressure (read: no collapsing), but still be soft and malleable to your little one’s mouth.

The one-piece vent reduces excess air intake and attaches to the rim of the bottle. It’s simple design makes it a cinch to clean, unlike other vent systems that have numerous pieces. But you do need to insert the vent into the bottle every time. The bottle will leak without it.

With its 8-oz capacity and stage 2 medium flow nipple, this bottle is meant for babies older than three months. Joovy also makes a 5-oz bottle with a slow flow nipple for newborns.

Glass is great choice if you can’t stand it when bottles start to smell like milk - no matter how much you’ve washed them - or change color. Obviously they are breakable, and putting them in the freezer is a no-no.


  • Size: 8 ounces
  • Material: Silicone nipple, glass bottle, BPA-free plastic bottle collar
  • Nipple type: Stage 2 - Medium Flow
  • Age range: 3 months and up

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