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With this breastfeeding system, you never have to worry about losing a single drop of breastmilk.


In this system, you pump directly into a sturdy portion-sized freezer storage bag which gets slotted into the organized holder. (The freezer storage bag is compatible with any major pump brand.) When baby’s ready to eat, you thaw the milk using the included bottle warmer. Then you slide the storage bag into the bottle casing, and screw the nipple directly onto the bag, and your baby’s ready to drink.

The main merit of this system is you only have to wash the nipple (and your pump parts as necessary). The main downside of this system is you recycle the bags each time, and the cost of buying new can add up (they’re about 33 cents each when purchased in bulk). However, the system ensures that not a single drop of milk is wasted in transfer.

The starter kit comes with three different flow speeds and the nipples are designed to mimic a natural latch. But babies can be picky about what nipples they use. If your baby demands a different nipple, you can buy an adapter to use on other bottles Make sure to screw it on tight to prevent leaks. Also, because these are storage bags, not storage bottles, it can be difficult to tell the exact amount of milk inside of them, even with the measurements marked on them.

One thing that is really nice about the bags is they are so much stronger and sturdier than your typical bag and you don’t have to worry about them rupturing. Leave just a little bit of room inside them when you pump, since milk expands when freezing. Another thing to keep in mind is that freezing your milk isn’t necessary if the baby’s going to drink it the next day. The Mayo Clinic says it’s fine to keep breast milk in your refrigerator for three days.

The bottle warmer included with the kit is an especially good one. It’s very easy to use: you just fill it with water up to the mark indicated, plug it in, and set the timer. You can use it to warm up baby food too as well as breastmilk. It’s easier to get milk to an exact temperature with a bottle warmer.


  • Pouches hold 6 oz
  • Total weight of kit: 5.8 lbs


  • 20 Breastmilk storage pouches
  • 14 Adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)
  • 1 Breastmilk storage bag holder
  • 1 Breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer
  • 2 Natural feeding bottles
  • 1 Slow flow nipple with case
  • 1 Medium flow nipple with case
  • 1 Fast flow nipple with case
  • 2 Nipple cleaning brushes

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January 29, 2019

While I liked the ability to pump directly into the bag, it was really only good if you were going to freeze the milk right away. As a regular bottle, it was wasteful. The system on a whole is very wasteful. It gets expensive if you use it regularly and the bags are hard to find.

January 4, 2019

The whole kit seemed a bit overkill, and I never used most of the pieces. I thought it would be super convenient to be able to pump directly into the milk bags, but it really wasn't necessary. I did learn from this that their milk bags are AWESOME.

September 27, 2018

It came with attachments to hook up to my Spectra breast pump, which made it so easy. I felt like I didn't have to waste a drop of breast milk since I could securely pump right into the bags. I also loved that you could slip the bag into a bottle adapter and pop on the nipple. Loved this set! If you are planning on breast feeding and need to pump, this system really can make life easier.

September 4, 2018

I love parts of this set, but not all. The bags are great for storage but pumping directly into the bags is useless if you want to know how many ounces you have. Also, my baby didn’t like the bottles and I found them too hard to hold to justify using a nipple adapter.

July 23, 2018

The storage pack warmer needs to have added water and disposed of for each use. It can get annoying especially for those late night feedings.

May 3, 2018

After you figure out which knobs fit your breast pump, this product is a god send. You pump right into the bags! Easy storage and my son went right for the nipple that comes with the bottles. If you have a smaller kitchen space and don't have the room for cabinets full of bottles, I would highly recommend. You can even put the bags through the dishwasher. I loved this product and recommend it to anyone that wants to breast feed.

April 29, 2018

Great warmer! I absolutely love the convenience of being able to attach directly to the breast pump; however, you might have to purchase additional adapters.

April 22, 2018

Bags are easy to use and store. Now that baby is eating solid food, the adaptable spoon has been working great and the bags aren’t going to waste.

April 12, 2018

It’s so easy to pump right into the bags & store them or take them on the go. Also when you’re in a pinch and don’t have a clean bottle, you can simply pop the nipples right on the bag you pumped into. It has made life as a mom so much easier!