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What weabout it
Using breastfeeding motions, milk flow is controlled by your baby with this no-drip, no-leak bottle.

About this Product
  • Anti-colic vent
  • No dripping or leaking
  • Simulates breastfeeding
  • One nipple works for all stages


Usually breastfeeding and bottle feeding require babies to develop two different sucking behaviors, since milk from bottles flows easier and faster than the breast. But the Calma bottle was designed to respond to the exact same motions your baby makes when nursing.

Only when your little one creates enough of a vacuum through sucking will the milk flow through the nipple. That means babies who switch between breast and bottle aren’t likely to experience nipple confusion (the frustrating state in which your baby refuses the breast because the bottle requires her to work less).

The added benefit? This sucker never drips or leaks, even when turned upside down. Your baby controls the flow of milk so she can pause and breathe during feeding without any worries of milk continuing to flow. The vented nipple helps prevent a tummy full of gas, too. Another cool feature is that the Calma nipple naturally adapts to flow faster as your baby grows and becomes an eating champ. Unlike most other bottle lines, you won’t need to purchase additional nipple sizes as your little one gets bigger.

However, if you need a bottle that can serve both breast milk and formula, look elsewhere. This bottle was made to be used only with breast milk.

This bottle has an 5-oz capacity, but if you’re looking for a bigger bottle, Medela also makes an 8-oz version.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Silicone and BPA-free plastic
  • Age range: All stages of breastfeeding
  • Includes:
  • 5 oz Calma bottle
  • 1 all-stage nipple
  • 1 travel cap
  • 1 storage lid

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August 3, 2017

Our son loved it until about 7 months. Then, he became unable to use it well and inhaled a lot of extra air & got frustrated easily.