MoonlightComfort U Deluxe Body Pillow


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style: White 50/50 (Polyester/Cotton)



What weabout it
A super cozy body pillow that gives you 360 degrees of support.


The Comfort-U Deluxe is perfect for pregnancy support, relieving aches and pains or just relaxing around the house. Many pregnant people find body pillows to be sleep game changers in the third trimester. They’re filled with a synthetic down that won’t flatten or clump no matter the amount of use, and you can position them however feels best.

The Comfort-U Deluxe comes with removable, zip-off, washable cover (choose from a few different fabric options). It’s also available in a Dermatherapy Comfort-U cover that’s cooler, drier, cleaner and smoother than cotton. This can help keep you cooler when pregnant, and it’s a great option for people with sensitive skin or eczema.

When it gets dirty, toss your entire Comfort-U pillow in the washer and dryer.


  • Synthetic down, Fusion Fiberfill, won’t flatten or clump
  • Pillow and covers are machine washable
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Made in the USA

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