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Soft-tipped spoons are gentle on little mouths and your budget


This rainbow-colored set of soft-tipped spoons does the trick for young eaters and won’t break the bank. The rounded, soft spoons are gentle on your baby’s gums. Longer handles ergonomically designed for adults make these especially good for when you’re still giving your baby spoonfuls of food. But once they are feeding themselves, a shorter spoon might be easier for little hands to manipulate.


  • Set of six spoons
  • 3+ mos.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA and phthalate free

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July 19, 2018

These spoons seem to be too heavy and fall/flip out of the food jar bowl easily getting food everywhere.

June 18, 2018

June 13, 2018

These spoons fall out of the bowls and can’t be laid down without the spoon touching the table. They also don’t fit well in my baby’s mouth. I like the Gerber white hot spoons much better!

May 10, 2018

Munchkin White hot spoons are better.

March 27, 2018

So easy to clean and convenient! These spoons are just great to have around. When we first got a few packages for our baby shower I thought there was no way we would need so many but I was wrong! Having a bunch has proven to be wonderful now that our daughter is eating solids. They're just great spoons!

January 6, 2018

They are easy to clean and soft enough on my daughters teeth/gums. She also likes to just chew on the spoon. It's nice that the whole spoon is chew friendly.

November 5, 2017

Colorful and fun.

October 20, 2017

Perfect size for his mouth.

October 10, 2017

I love that they can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher and only carrots have stained them a bit. However, I found they are not great for babies with smaller mouths, as the way the spoon is shaped some food gets left behind on the spoon.