NanitBreathing Wear Band


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size: Large (3-24 Months)

count: 1



What weabout it
A soft band that works with the Nanit Plus camera to monitor baby’s breathing motion.


The Breathing Wear band fits over most pajamas and works exclusively with the Nanit Plus nursery camera. It tracks breathing motion by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom pattern—no sensors on their body or in the crib. Should baby need your attention, you’ll receive alerts on both your phone (through the Nanit app) and your camera.

The set comes with three soft 100% cotton bands with secure flaps and feather-soft edges. Breathing motion is detected in any position, so it’s OK if baby switches positions.


  • Set comes with three bands
  • Works exclusively with the Nanit Plus camera
  • Hook-and-loop attachments
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

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