NunaTAVO Stroller


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color: Aluminum

What weabout it
All the easy-gliding comfort of a luxury stroller at a price point below luxury stroller norms

About this Product
  • High-tech suspension for a smooth ride
  • One-hand quick fold
  • Large canopy with dream drape for extra coverage
  • Four recline positions (including completely flat for infants)
  • Foam-filled wheels


This stroller has fantastic suspension and one-hand maneuverability. Usually, the more expensive a stroller is, the better it glides, but this stroller actually glides better than some pricier strollers! It can handle grass, gravel, and bumpy cobblestones with ease. This stroller is similar in many ways to the more expensive Nuna MIXX (the main differences being that MIXX has rubberized wheels and a reversible seat). But the cheaper TAVO stroller is actually nicer than the MIXX on a few points: it’s got a one-hand compact fold, better suspension, and is a bit lighter. It includes a “dream drape” you can pull out of the canopy for extra sun coverage. The TAVO automatically works as a travel system with the Nuna PIPA car seat, but it cannot be adapted to any other infant car seat.

The four-position recline includes a full-flat recline so that the stroller can be used for a newborn who doesn’t have neck support yet. When the stroller is in recline mode, you can open up a mesh window to check on your baby from the back (there’s a peekaboo window in the canopy, too, with magnetic closures for silent opening and closing). The stroller basket has a zip compartment in it to help you stay organized and keep valuables zipped away, and the foot brake is “flip-flop friendly” with red and green color signals to let you know if it’s locked. Unlike many strollers that fold with the seat on the outside, this stroller actually folds with the seat on the inside (helpful for keeping the seat clean).

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