This dispenser holds a lot of wipes and keeps them moist. Plus pulling them out is pretty easy, too.

OXO Tot Perfect Pull Baby Wipes Dispenser



Color: Green

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The weighted plate that rests on top of the wipes does a way better job of preventing evaporation and keeping the wipes from drying out than the majority of dispensers. It also has a feature that prevents you from pulling out more than one wipe at a time (provided you load the wipes in the dispenser correctly). It holds a ton of wipes and it’s sturdy with no-slip feet. Because it’s heavy, families often buy one for each location in the house where they do changing, rather than lug it around the house.


  • Fits up to 100 wipes
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dimensions: 5.6” x 8.4” x 4.4”
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This is probably one of the best purchases we have ever made when it comes to baby equipment... It is so easy to pull out one wipe at a time, and is also super easy to refill. The suction around the top keeps wipes moist for a long time, and the sleek design would go great with almost any nursery. Save your time with other wipes dispensers, and get this one! You won't be sorry.

"Perfect" is in the name. I love this thing, mainly because you can grab one wipe at a time. Easier and less waste than trying to use the pouches wipes come in.

Does what it's supposed to, and refilling is so easy. Love the touch-latch and that you can operate it with one hand, as sometimes this is necessary.

So handy to be able to grab wipes one-handed! Absolutely love this thing. We bought a second one about a week after we brought our baby home so we could have one on each floor.