Philips AventBreast Milk Storage Cups (10 Pack)


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size: 6 oz



What weabout it
Pump, store and serve breast milk in one container


A great option for pumping moms: you can pump breast milk directly into these 6-ounce cups, screw on the lid and store in fridge or freezer. You don’t lose any precious drops of milk in a transfer.

You can replace the lid with a nipple and ring and feed directly out of the cup—it works with all Philips AVENT nipples and spouts.

If you do want to pour the milk into a separate bottle, the container’s shape makes it easier to get everything out. Write directly on the tops to label (you can use a pencil and erase it).

These cups are stackable, washable and reusable, and the set comes with two adapter rings to use the cups for pumping or feeding.

Note that the lids require some care to screw on correctly: make sure the threads are properly engaged to avoid a leak.


  • Ten 6-ounce cups and lids, two adapter rings
  • BPA fee
  • Dishwasher, freezer and sterilizer safe

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