Philips AventBreast Pump Diaphragm for Electric Pump


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size: Manual Pump



What weabout it
Pump’s not working? Could be you don’t need to replace the whole pump, you just need to replace a $10 part.


This is a replacement part for the Philips Avent Comfort breast pumps. The part is different depending on whether you are using the manual or the electric pump, so make sure you choose the correct option when you add to cart.

The diaphragm part of your pump helps create suction and release. Sometimes the diaphragm will wear out when the rest of your pump is still fine. When this happens, suction and milk output decrease dramatically, and when you replace the diaphragm you notice a huge difference.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone
  • Different versions for manual & electric pumps

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